As the COVID-19 pandemic continues its devastation across the world, it has exposed major flaws in the healthcare system and served as a poignant reminder that we should never let a crisis go to waste.

With technological innovation moving at an incredible pace, there presents a real opportunity for us to reshape the future of healthcare.

Home to 60% of the world’s population and close to half a billion people aged 65 or older by 2025, growth in healthcare spending in Asia Pacific is almost double the rest of the world. An estimated 700 million people in region still lack access to even the most basic healthcare interventions and, out-of-pocket expenditures are 40% of total healthcare costs. The region’s healthcare ecosystem needs to undergo a transformational change to accelerate access to quality care.

At APACMed, we believe that the future of healthcare is one that involves new care delivery models with engaged patients, empowered providers and expansive policies. The time is now to make our collective smart bets. Now in its seventh year, MedTech Forum 2021 (MTF2021) will focus on a few key themes that offer the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered and improve patient outcomes:

The healthcare model of the future will require the concerted effort of stakeholders across the public and private sector, to collaborate and make actionable commitments.


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