Empowering Patients; Driving Outcomes

Technology convergence is set to be a key engine of growth for the medical technology industry, as it promises to deliver enhanced products and more effective, patient-centered, technology-enabled care.

The global healthcare landscape has undergone a metamorphosis in recent years, and the convergence of artificial intelligence, computer aided surgery, wireless communication, mobile health apps and wearables is already profoundly impacting all actors across the ecosystem. Applications are enabling doctors make better informed clinical decisions, whilst monitoring systems are empowering patients to effectively monitor and manage their health.

These technologies undoubtedly have the potential to drive better patient outcomes. The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum aims to bring together all key healthcare stakeholders, from medical device manufacturers to healthcare providers, Startups and SMEs to address how these forces provide unparalleled opportunities in solving unmet needs in Asia Pacific, home to over half the world’s population.

Regional regulators, policy makers, payers, government representatives, and clinicians will also be taking part in the Forum discussions, in order to shed light on the role of technology in shaping the future of healthcare and driving better patient outcomes.

The Asia Pacific MedTech Forum programme comprises a number of high level plenary sessions, and five distinct, tailored tracks, each focusing on topics relevant to medtech industry executives, healthcare providers and the startup community.

The event is brought you by the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed).

APACMed aspires to improve access to high quality healthcare through collaboration among all stakeholders to ensure that patients in the region have access to the most innovative, lifechanging healthcare products and services.

Join us for a highly charged Forum of curated education sessions, demos, exhibits and networking. Whether you’re looking to gain deeper insights from leading experts and thought leaders; stay up-to-date with the most recent trends, network with the region leaders, spark business partnerships, or discover the latest product innovations, you can’t miss the MedTech Forum!

Date: 9-11 October 2018
Venue: Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre



Synopsis: The transformation to value-based care has been top of mind for stakeholders across the healthcare industry. Providing a connected view of the patient's care across multiple delivery sites is critical to achieving value-based, patientcentered care. Technology platform must be re-invented to one where patients and care teams can see their information and use it in meaningful ways. Experts will discuss how embracing connected technologies can help providers achieve the goals of value-based and consumer-driven care.

Topics include: Connected Care; Value-Based Care, Patient-Centric Care, Internet of Medical Things, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, 5G, Interoperability.

Synopsis: Over the last few years, the region has seen steady market demand for improved devices and diagnostic support for an aging population and increasing incidence of chronic diseases. Yet the region remains enormously diverse in terms of healthcare access, regulations and practices. How can the industry adapt to the new realities of technological disruption across the healthcare ecosystem, continue to focus on innovations which foster technology convergence, and still develop market-appropriate products and services? Global industry executives and senior thought leaders will seek to address the multiple facets of technology and their role in driving better patient outcomes across Asia Pacific.

Topics include: Regional MedTech Landscape and Future Trends; Asia Pacific as a Test Bed for Innovation in MedTech; Advances in 3D Printing; Rethinking Business Models and Commercial Strategies

Synopsis: MedTech and Digital Health startups are developing products that take advantage of new technology and are specifically designed to meet healthcare’s evolving need. To spur innovation through the creative application of technology to solve real-world problems, we bring together an exclusive group of thought leaders, decision makers, developers, startups and investors to discuss and showcase how technology can advance the health care space.

Synopsis: A convergence of disruptive, complex technologies – including big data analytics, IoT, the cloud, blockchain and artificial intelligence – could overwhelm unprepared healthcare organisations. The effects of digitalisation are profound. How are healthcare organisations leveraging disruptive technologies to optimise health and improve patient outcomes? How can we move from ‘doing digital’ to ‘being digital’? Experts will discuss how digital technologies could transform key areas of health care.

Topics include: Mobile Health, Health Information Technology, Smart Technologies & Artificial Intelligence, TeleHealth & TeleMedicine, Personalized Medicine, etc.

Synopsis: Asia Pacific is home to over half of the worlds’ population and commercial strategies need to be tailored to the realities of the region, with varying levels of economic growth, disparate political regimes and drastically different healthcare infrastructures. These market specific sessions will address current policy and regulatory challenges and provide opportunities for MedTech industry executives to explore solutions, and discuss how best to adapt to the reality of a dispersed, fragmented market. Sessions will cover four key markets: China, India, ASEAN and Japan. Key stakeholders will examine the current landscape and provide perspectives on what lies ahead.

Topics include: implementing universal healthcare; reimbursement and approval pathway; fragmented regulatory and reimbursement regimes, and the impact on the introduction of new technologies.

Synopsis: How can MedTech startups address the capital and commercialization risk challenges? This track, designed specifically for the next generation of medical technology innovators, will provide a comprehensive overview of the unique biodesign process framework which adopts a two pronged  a structured approach: better understanding unmet clinical needs and how best to impactfully solve them, as well as looking to identify potential opportunities in downstream commercialization of the technologies.

Speakers will also share their insights on how start-ups can better understand the critical requirements for developing a thriving Medical Technology Startup Ecosystem, and seek to avoid making costly unforced errors; better follow process discipline and prepare adequately in their pursuit of globally competitive investible new ventures.